Aurora Borealis Over Glacier Lagoon

Aurora Borealis Over Glacier Lagoon

Aurora Borealis Over Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Dates: Workshop # 1 - January 12-21, 2023 :: Workshop #2 January 21-30, 2023

Lodging: Nine nights of private lodging are included—Don and I wouldn’t want to share a room with a stranger, so we never ask our customers to share a room. European idiosyncrasies aside, our Iceland hotels will be very nice.

Transportation: Once you get yourself to our hotel in Reykjavik, we’ll handle the transportation for the rest of the workshop.

Guides: In addition to Don and me, you’ll be in the care of a local photographer/guide with intimate familiarity with Iceland, its weather, and the northern lights. We’re including a local guide because Don and I feel very strongly that expert knowledge is essential for a first-class workshop, and though we've visited all of our locations, we don’t yet qualify as local experts. Don and I will be running the show, but our guide will be a great resource.

Meals: All breakfasts are included (Iceland's breakfast buffets blow away the standard hotel breakfasts we’ve come to know in the US).

Weather: Iceland's winters are surprisingly mild for its latitude. On our most recent scouting trip, Don and I experienced mostly clear skies, with highs around 30F and lows in the teens. That doesn’t mean that it can’t get extremely cold, cloudy, or snowy. We make no guarantees about the weather, nor do we promise that we’ll have access to all our planned locations. We chose this time of year because the northern lights are a priority (they’re not possible in the warm months), Iceland’s winter landscapes are spectacular, and the quality of light is wonderful all day long—sunrises and sunsets last two hours, and during our trip the sun will never rise higher than 8 degrees above the horizon.

Locations: There are too many spectacular spots to list here. The trip will begin and end in Reykjavik and focus on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Iceland’s South Coast all the way east to Vestrahorn. This workshop is timed to maximize our northern lights chances. Winter conditions prevent us from visiting some locations that are accessible in the warmer months, but that will just give us more quality time to concentrate on the spectacular sights we will see (such as Diamond Beach, Glacier Lagoon, Kirkjufell, Reynisfjara black sand beach, and so much more). You definitely won’t run out of things to photograph.

Northern lights: If you know my passion for night photography, I probably don’t need to tell you northern lights will be a priority for this workshop. This is something both Don and I are in emphatic agreement on—we had a tremendous experience photographing the northern lights on our most recent visit, and will do everything in our power to share that with you.

Price: $8850 for single lodging; $8100 per person if you share with a participating friend or loved one

Deposit: $2000, non-refundable. Due to the tremendous difficulty and expense cancellations cause, we want to ensure that only those who are truly committed sign up. This doesn’t mean that if you have to cancel, you’ll definitely lose your deposit; it means that you need to be prepared to lose your deposit if you cancel. But our goal isn’t to benefit from a cancellation; if we’re able to fill the workshop, we’ll work out a credit that allows you to apply your deposit to a future workshop.

Registration :: Workshop #1 - January 12-21, 2023 : Mail your deposit check to Gary Hart Photography, 2121 Natomas Crossing, #200-198, Sacramento, CA 95834. To register online, please CLICK HERE. WORKSHOP SOLD OUT - WAITING LIST ONLY.

Registration :: Workshop #2 - January 21-30, 2023 Mail your deposit check to Gary Hart Photography, 2121 Natomas Crossing, #200-198, Sacramento, CA 95834. To register online, please CLICK HERE. SPOTS OPEN

Cancellation: This workshop will not be cancelled due to low enrollment. Nor will it be cancelled due to weather, volcanic eruption, or any other event beyond our control. In the unlikely event that something beyond our control prevents us from honoring our original dates, we’ll reschedule, but we won’t cancel. If you’re concerned that you might not have the flexibility to adjust to a change, we strongly recommend travel insurance (we actually recommend it anyway).

Winter Iceland and Northern Lights Workshop

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