1.) Only paying workshop participants are allowed in Orientation and Class Meetings.

2.) Only paying workshop participants are allowed on location shoots. Part of what I sell when you sign-up for a workshop is my time and effort put into scouting locations and getting you there at the optimum time.

3.) A spouse, family member or friend will be allowed  into the workshop only if the following conditions are met:

a.) I have a spot for them and my Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit allows them to join us.

b.) They pay a $300 non- shooting fee and room with spouse, family member or friend. All my rooms are double-occupancy. If there is an extra room charge, participant agrees to pay any additional charges. I cannot guarantee workshop room rate if a last minute room needs to be added.

c.) No photography is allowed. This just allows participant to come along with the group and keeps me legal with permits and insurances.

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