California Dreaming - Don Smith Photography
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In 1917, during wartime steel shortages , three concrete ships were built. One, the S.S. Palo Alto remained docked in Oakland until 1929, when a Cal-Nevada Company bought the ship with the idea of making her into an amusement and fishing ship. Her maiden voyage was made under tow to Seacliff State Beach. Once positioned at the beach, the sea cocks were opened and the Palo Alto settled to the ocean bottom. By the summer of 1930 a pier had been built leading to the ship, the ship was remodeled. A dance floor on the main deck was added, also a cafe in the superstructure was built, as was a fifty-four foot heated swimming pool, and a series of carnival type concessions were placed on the afterdeck. The Cal-Nevada Company went broke after two seasons -- then the Palo Alto was stripped, leaving the ship and the pier to be used only for fishing. The ship is now closed to the public. Seacliffe State Beach, Santa Cruz County, California, USA.

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