"Your knowledge of the area, the challenges of shooting in the light conditions we experienced and how to overcome them, and the post-processing work flow information you shared were all individually 'worth the price of admission,' let alone when combined all together. A great workshop - I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend." - Steve McCarthy, Washougal, Washington

"I have taken 4 of your workshops and have not been disappointed. Your preparation, attention to detail, patience, and integrity is important to me as a participant and make your workshops enjoyable experiences. I have raised my skill level each time I have been out with you." - Kent Spaulding, Antioch, Tennessee

"Thanks Don for being the most approachable workshop leader I've ever worked with!" -Manny Prado, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I want to thank you for a terrific learning experience. The workshop was a blast." - Vince Condella, Arizona

"The instructors certainly know their stuff and share it. I really experienced a lot and learned even more!" - Tom Johnson, Fullerton, CA

"A few things that I specifically appreciated was the hands-on training; you stood right beside me on a number of shoots looking at my composition, helping me set up my camera, and discussing exposure settings. Overall, I feel like I have gained a completely new paradigm on landscape photography." - Brad Trottman, Riverside, California

"I would recommend Don's workshops to anyone interested in nurturing their love for photography!" - Meg McNamee, Cambria, Ca

"Thank you so much Don for the great workshop. We had spectacular shooting locations and received plenty of one-on-one training!" - Trent Thorn, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Don is familiar with the best shooting locations and is flexible enough to make scheduling adjustments due to weather and other factors to maximize the workshop learning curve." - Stephanie Morgan, Alto, New Mexico

"I always loved taking pictures but after attending Don's workshop, my interest in photography has skyrocketed. I can't wait for the next one!" - Dr. Ralph Armstrong, Hollister, Ca

"I would recommend Don's workshop to all levels of photographers. The instructors are versatile and flexible and at the same time, very focused and to the point." - Mary DeShaw, El Cerrito, Ca

"After multiple workshops with Don I know to expect a professional, well organized photo tour and learning experience. Image reviews reinforce the instruction. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and learning from Don, his assistant instructor, and the other workshop participants." - John Deines, Pleasant Valley, New York

"Don is an expert at teaching the 'broad strokes' from vision to composition to exposure. He also has an astute eye for what details make your good photographs great." - Grant Logenbaugh, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Don challenges you to improve your skills in a positive learning environment. The fact that his workshop locations are amazing is a bonus. - Jeff Logenbaugh, Elkart Indiana

"Fabulous workshop. Thank you for enabling me to 'see the light.'" - Iqbal Mohamed, Grand Island, New York

"Don is very knowledgeable on the locations and challenges you to photograph scenes other than the iconic ones, challenging your creativity." - Jonathan Sinclair, Edmonton, Canada

"The locations are beautiful, the instructors knowledgeable and eager to help refine your vision. I left a better photographer than when I arrived." - Jennifer Rutledge, Edmonton, Canada

"Don goes to great lengths to give his students as much opportunity to shoot and as much constructive criticism to learn from as humanly possible. He makes you work harder for an image but it feels like fun. A workshop with Don is great value for the money and will reward you photographically for years to come!" - Maeve O'Beirne, Washington, D.C.

"Don's skill and artistry as a landscape photographer is exceeded only by his passion for teaching his craft to others.The workshop in Kaua'i was an outstanding experience.I plan on taking another workshop(my 3rd) next year.!" - Gordon Lees, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"If you need to learn about the philosophy, the mindset and the technique of landscape photography, go with Don. He is simply awesome and there could be no better teacher!" - Harald Katzmair, Vienna, Austria

"The locations we went to were planned and well researched. Totally amazing scenery by experienced and knowledgeable photographers who are willng to share all they know with workshop participants." - Peter Homan, Auckland, New Zealand

"The workshop was well organized and the locations well choosen. The instruction was very clear and easy to understand. I learned a lot while enjoying myself tremendously. I had a fantastic time. Attending another workshop is now on my "to-do" list." - Anna Tileston, Anchorage, Alaska

"Don always gets you to locations when the light is optimal and there are a variety of compositions to be found. He is very knowledgeable and is always willing to work with you and share tips and techniques." - Brent Fraser, Dublin, California

"Don is organized and will help you in any way that is needed to improve your outdoor photography." - Tom Baker, San Juan Capistrano, California

"Don's workshop was very well organized with a perfect balance of class-time, field-time and free time." - Gene Anderson, Pacific Grove, California

"All of Don's Workshops are great!" - Mike Romo, Napa, California

"I came to the workshop as a beginner and was very impressed with the staff's professionalism and knowledge. I left with a ton of helpful information and I can't wait to apply it further in the field. I would recommend Don's workshops to anyone of any skill level and look forward to my next one!" - Paul Earl, Walnut Creek, California

"As usual you were well prepared and eager-to-help professionals who put together a great trip with a fine group of people. What more can one ask?" - Walter Pfau, Durango, Colorado

"I've been on different workshops with different instructors but Don and Gary are the ones I go back to time and time again!" - Rick Kaufman, Lincolnton, North Carolina

"Don is a master of the art and yet so open and helpful to all shooters." - Tom Roeser, Elk Grove, California

"Superb scenery, great instruction!" - Eric Emerson, Vacaville, California

"I found your way of explaining things very clear, comprehensive and generous." - Maeve O'Beirne, Scotland, United Kingdom

"There are several things that I look for in deciding whether a photo workshop fits me: Subject, Instructor reputation, Location, and Cost. Your workshop hit all my criteria, with the additional plus of having my two daughters participate, and most important was how the other participants were willing to share their knowldedge and keeping good humor flowing on long days! I learned new techniques and made new friends. What else can anyone ask for?" - Jules Tileston, Anchorage, Alaska "

Don's familiarity with his field locations make getting great photos an almost certainty." - Robert Hacker, Sunnyvale, Texas

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only did I learn how to improve my photo taking abilities, but the new photos I've added to my collection are my most beautiful. Thanks for the learning and the fun, and I'm looking forward to joining you again soon." - Ferd Anderson, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Don is very helpful and recognizes our skill levels and then caters his teachings/advice to each individual." - Mark Zablotsky, Sacramento, California

"Scouting by Don was excellent. He brings us to the right location with perfect light!" - Georges Desjardins, Park City, Utah

"I had a really good time and found everyone friendly and cooperative. I can't wait to do another one!" - Helena Baines, Edonton, Alberta, Canada

"Don is a great teacher who gives freely of his time and vast experience. His priority is to maximize the workshop experience for the participants." - Julie Brown, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Many thanks for holding such a great workshop. It was a fantastic learning experience as well as an opportunity to photograph locations that I might not have ever seen otherwise. It is definitely much easier to get up and out at "o'dark thirty" when doing a workshop with others and great instructors like you and Gary! All the locations were amazing. I will definitely be doing another workshop!" - Pat Ching, Tracy, California

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