Where will the workshop be located? We will base the workshop at three hotels. The first is The Red Feather Lodge, located in Tusayan (just minutes from the Grand Canyon). In Page, We will stay at the Holiday Inn Express (a brand new hotel), and in Sedona, we will be based at the gorgeous Best Western Plus Inn of Sedona.

What’s the closest airport? Phoenix International Airport is located 216 miles south of Tusayan, Flagstaff Airport is located 62 miles south of Tusayan, and Las Vegas International Airport is located 271 miles northwest of Tusayan.

Does My Workshop Fee Cover My Park Pass? No, participants are required to purchase their Grand Canyon Park Pass.

How much time will be spent in the field? We will have you on location prior to sunrise and after sunset. We will spend secondary shoots after sunrise and before sunset as conditions permit.

Can you guarantee shafts of light in Upper Antelope Canyon: We must have two things happen in order to get the shafts of light. First, we must have a clear day. What I cannot control is if the Navajo Tour groups decide to reschedule their photo tour times. Thus far, we have experienced this with only one group but I cannot control this.

What if it is raining? if it is raining, the tour groups will cancel due to the danger of flash floods. I also cannot control this (nor would I want to). If this happens, I will refund to price of the tour only.

Will you be discussing composition? Yes, and more. With each location, we will offer suggestions and go over technical (craft) questions. We will be there to assist you in finding and fine-tuning your compositions.

What are the times for the class sessions? Usually the class settings will be held when the light gets too harsh to shoot - normally early afternoon.We will not have class on the day we spend in Page as our tour into Upper Antelope will not finish until 2:30pm.

What topics will you cover? We will base our instruction after determining the group needs. The priority in this workshop will be field location shooting.

Will there be an Image Review Session? Yes, we will have (2) image review sessions! Will the latest software be discussed? Yes, Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and my favorite third-party filters.

When do we eat? There are restaurants located in the hotels. We will not be eating as a group, but oftentimes we end up at the same spot.  If the light is holding, our priority will be to stay in the field and shoot; thus, we may not always get you back on time for breakfast so bring snacks.

Will there be night training sessions? Yes, we have (1) scheduled in a safe location at The Grand Canyon.

What’s the weather like? Typical weather in March is cool, with highs in the low 60s and and lows in the low 30s at the Grand Canyon. We will be at 7,000 feet elevation. Conditions at both Page and Sedona will warm a bit as they are both located at 4,000 feet elevation. There could even be a slight chance of precipitation (snow and/or rain). Layering and protective rain gear is recommended

What camera should I bring? Most participants will have a digital SLR, but bring the camera or cameras with which you’re most comfortable shooting.

Do I have to shoot digitally? Much of the training will assume you’re shooting digitally, but digital isn’t required.

What lenses do you recommend? Lens choice is a very personal thing. You could probably find a use for every lens in your bag. So bring as much as your luggage will hold, even if you won’t take it in the field for every shoot. We suggest at the minimum you have the range from 24mm to 200mm (full frame) covered. NOTE: because we will be shooting in Upper Antelope's slot canyon, I recommend bringing plastic bags and/or a camera cover as sand from above can be blown down on top of us. Also, bring a blower brush and compressed air to clean your gear after we get back to the hotel. There is a Walmart in Page that sells these items.

What filters should I bring? Polarizers are the number one recommendation. Beyond that, GND filters are useful but not necessary. We will show you alternate ways of solving expanded dynamic range without filters.

Is a tripod required? While not required, a tripod will greatly enhance your opportunities and your images.

Will I need a laptop? Not required but useful for reviewing and storing images.

I’m a beginner—is there a minimum skill level required? All skill levels are welcome. Some of the material may be beyond your current level, but much will benefit photographers of all abilities.

Can my wife/husband/friend join me? You’re welcome to share your room and all meals and non-workshop activities with a friend or loved one at no charge. Only paying participants will be able to join the workshop activities. Unfortunately our insurance and permits only covered paying customers.  With all there is to see and do in the area, there will be plenty to occupy any non-participating guest during workshop hours.

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