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2012 17mile drive a a full moon rises over rolling hills and oaks absract afternoon agua canyon alabama hills algae alone alpenclow alpenglow ancient andmark angels window apple orchard apple orchards arch arch angel falls arches national park arches natioonal park arid climate arid environment arizona arrizona aspen grove aspens autumn awe backlight backlit balsamroot bamboo barbedwire fence bare tree barren bay bridge beach beatury in nature beatuy in nature beauty beauty in beauty in nature beauty in nature calm peaceful serene tranquil elequent horizont beauty in nature calm peaceful serene tranquil elequent horizontal landscape nobody alone outdoors arizona united states national park beauty in nature. beauty n nature beautyinnature. peaceful beaver pond beuaty in nature big island big sur big sur coase big sur coast bigtooth maple birds bishop bishop canyon bixby bridge black oak black point black pool pond overlook bloom blossoms bluefish cove bold bolden gate bridege botanical gardens boulders branch brazilian firespike bridal veil fall bridalveil fall bright angel point bristlecone bristlecone pine bristlecone pine' patriarch grove bristlecone pines brocken spectre bryce canyon national park buckhorn cove butte butterflies buttes byrce canyon national park calfornia california california oak californian califronia calla lilies calm calm landscape calm scene cannon beach canyon canyonlands national park cape royal capitola carmel river statae beach carmello formation cathedral rocks cholla cacti cladera clear clearing storm clearingstorm cliffrose cloouds cloud clouds clouds rest cloudy day cloudy sky coast coast live oak coastal coastline coconino national forest cold color color image colorado river colorful colorful sky colrado river columbia hills state park columbia river columbia river gorge comet comubia river concrete boat connection conway summit cook's meadow cooks meadow coourt of the patriarchs cottonwood cottonwood tree cottonwoods cottonwoods. 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springs natural natural bridges natural world nature nature's design navajo point navajo trail new mexico new zealand night no people nobody non urban non urban scene nonurban scene north america north creek north lake north mono lake north rim north window oak oak creek oak creek canyon oak creek crossing observatory ocean olmstead point olmsteadpoint onomea fall opaeka'a fall orbit orchid oregon outdoor landscape outdoors over land oxbow oxbow bend pacici ocean pacific pacific grove pacific ocean pacific ocean' dawn page painted hills painted hills john day fossil beds palm palm trees pano panstarrs panther veach paradise paris parrot parrots pateua path patriarch grove patterns peacefeul peacefu peaceful peaceful scene peacefull crepucualr rays peacefullness peacefulness peacful peak pebble beach pedestal rocks penglow people petrified sand dunes petroglyphs pfeiffer beach phenomenon photography physical physical geography pier pinaceae pinaceae plant pine pines pinnacles national park planes plant point lobos state reserve point sur lightstation poipu ponderoisa pines poplars poppies portal power preiffer beach promenade pt sur lightstation pt. cabrillo pt. lobos state reserve pt. lobos state reserver pt. sur lightstation pu'u kila lookout pu'u o' kila lookout puna coast punchbowl falls purity quarter dome queen's bath queen's bath fall rabbit brush radiate rain rain drops rain forest rainbow rainbow point range raonbow point red red rock red rock crossing redwood trees reflected light reflection refreshing ridges river road rock rock formation rocks rowena crest rural sacramento mountains sacred saddle sage brush san andreas mountains san benito county san benitobeauty in nature san francisco san francisco peaks san jose creek sand sand hut sand river sand sculpture sandstone santa ana peak santa clara valley santa cruz scene scenic tree scenics schulman grove schwabacher landing scotland scrub sea daises sea daisies sea stacks seacliffe beach state park seagull seal rock cove season seasonal fall seasons sedona segulls. pleican sentinel meadow serene serene scene serene. landscape serenity setting su seven sacred falls shadow shadows shale sierra crest sierra nevada silhouette sky skyline slot canyon slot canyoon snag snake river snake river overlook snow snowberry bushes soberanes arch soberanes cove soberanes point soft light solidtude solidtue solitude south island south rim south tufa south window southern alps southern santa clara valley spring spring flowers squalls ss palo alto st. andrews star trails starfish stars steep stillness stomy stone nature storm storm clouds storm coulds storm sky stormy sky strength stud horse point summer summit sun beams sun shaft sun shafts sun star sunlight sunrise sunrise summit sunset sunset light sunset sky sunstar supermoon superstition mountains surf susnet swinging bridge syline arch t. a. moutlen barn tall tanaya lake taro fields teardrop arch telephoto terrain the candlestick the catacombs the city the crack the haystack the louvre the maze the merrimac the monitor the needles the washerwoman thor's hammer thor's well three brothers thunderstorm ti plants timedexposure tom mccall nature preserve tranqility tranquil tranquil scene tranquility tranqulitiy travel travel destinations tree trees trillium lake tropical trout lake tufa tumbleweed tunnel view turquoise turret arch ultrawide angle umauma falls uncultivated upper antelope canyon usa usam death utah vegetation venus verbena verdant vertical vertical landscape viatlity vineyard virga virgin river vitality wachella falls wahkeena falls wahsington wailua bay wailua falls waimea canyon wanaka warmth washington washington column water waterfall waterfalls wave wave turquoise waves weather west mitten west peaks weston beach weston cove wharf white mountains white sands national monument whitemountains whitney portal falls wiinter wildflowers wildflwoers willow willow tree windows area windpows area winter 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